A different trip, we prepare for you a package of nautical activities (SURF, WINDSURF or SUP) combined with practicing yoga in Tarifa.

The best professional athletes in any sport use yoga as a complementary activity. If it’s good for them, it’s good for us too!



You will be guided by Vanessa, a passionate and professional hatha yoga teacher with many years of experience leading groups.

This activity is adapted for beginners, advanced and for anyone: children and adults. You will enjoy your yoga practice in a calm and peaceful place.

Groupal Hatha Yoga Lessons

Group of min. 3 people. Perfect your flexibility and coordination. Find the balance between body and mind.


Enjoy the benefits of the combination of yoga and water sports.

Private Lessons Hatha Yoga

Change begins. Your instructor will be 100% of the time accompanying you in your evolution.


The benefits of yoga

Strengthens muscles and bones

Yoga is a perfect sport if your goal is to strengthen muscles, but it also helps the immune system to become stronger. Many of the postures or asanas of this discipline promote the proper functioning of the metabolism and the circulatory system.

Increase flexibility

Flexibility greatly helps us avoid injury. As flexibility increases, many of the muscle aches caused by tension and poor posture disappear.

Reduces anxiety and stress

According to a study conducted by Ronald C. Kessler, a sociologist and professor at the Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts, the habitual practice of yoga decreases the state of anxiety and stress in a similar way to that of conventional medical therapy.

Strengthens you inside and out

Breathing in yoga is a fundamental pillar of this discipline, not only because it helps with concentration and meditation, but also because it reduces stress and also favors the correct oxygenation of the blood. This is very good for the body since it improves its functioning.

Anti-aging therapy

Recent studies suggest that yoga and meditation help protect DNA from damage caused by lifestyle or the natural passing of the years. Their regular practice has been shown to be able to reverse the aging process

Mind and body

Yoga practice helps you clear your head and focus on your body. Leave your mind blank and worry only about doing yoga movements and poses well. In this way you will be able to combine the benefits of postures on a physical level and meditation to free the mind from all negative.

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