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June 7, 2016
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April 2, 2018
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Lots of levante wind during this 2016 summer in Tarifa, with around 50 days of medium to very strong winds, the famous wind was blowing days and nights in the staight of Gibraltar. The sun was daily in the game with temperature between 24 and 30 degrees.

It was very complicated to teach and take kitesurfing and windsurfing lessons, most of the the school moved in the mediteranean with their kite students to teach them how to kitesurf.

Fortunately, our windsurfing school situated in the camping Torre de la peña has the big advantage to get a levante wind sheltered area in front of the bar “EL chozo”, which allowed us to make our student enjoy windsurfing, our school’s main activity, with conditions much easier than in other beaches such as Valdevaqueros or Los lances, where it was almost mission imposible.

The two small natural rocky diques situated on both sides of the bar, shape a natural swimming pool on low to mid tide, helping considerably the students while they are practicing on shallow water, resulting really safe, especially for kids. Under the supervision of our profesional instructor focused on security with top material RRD, one of the best watersports brand in the world, and very small sails, we could make our students have a lots of fun.

As far as the windsurfing public’s participation is concerned, 60% were kids, 25% women, 15 % were men. It has been a real pleasure to see so many kids windsurfing full power and improve daily in those epic wind conditions!!

During the few no wind days, some students were as well initiated into Stand Up Paddle boardind  (SUP) and surfing as well.

The school is oficially open until end of September, and you can still enjoy our 10% special discount, in lessons, courses and rental,booking with us using our contact form, or calling us directly (+34) 661 62 83 85.

Thank you all and see you soon at the beach for new adventures !


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